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Welcome to You Get To Be YOU This Time!

So excited to have you join us for this amazing series!

Watch the video below for a **special opportunity** ONLY available on this page.


  • Lifetime access to all expert interview recordings, to review as many times as you’d like (no more trying to squeeze all the sessions into an already chaotic schedule)
    [Delivered to you at the conclusion of the event] (Value: $700)
  • Bonus “Best of” 1st Annual You Get To Be YOU series. Top 5 episodes from the 1st Annual Series (Dr. George Simon, Dr. Ramani, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Duane Roberts, Stephanie Dalfonzo). These episodes are not available anywhere else and are exclusive to VIP holders!
    [Immediate Access] (Value: $150)

I have simply been glued to each episode. I am a PhD clinical psychologist here in the US for about 20 years. I never learned so much in my schooling, career, or private practice… trauma, personality disorders, attachment theory – not woven together this way. It is often separate and distinct without bringing in the dynamics of a relationship family, friend, romantic — which is what this series is doing. The timing is impeccable!

- Susie, clinical psychologist from MD

  • Imprint Identification Package. A guided audio to identify your Imprint that may be keeping you trapped in your pain so you begin reprogramming your subconscious and be FREE to feel peace and joy!
    [Immediate access]
    (Value: $150)

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    3. The event is already underway (we started on November 9), so head on over to the main event page and start listening now! Each episode is available for a full 7 days, so don’t worry about having missed anything!

I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you in creating a life where you get to be YOU!


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